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Aaaw! That is so sweet!

Argh! This is the CUTEST card EVER! I love it so, so much. I'll be linking.

We have two cats and a dog and they get along very well. It did take time however. I'd say it took us 6 months to get to the bff phase.
Now they all pile into bed with us and enjoy each other's company.

My parents, inlaws and brothers and sisters in law all have dogs and cats as well, and everyone gets along for the most part. My brother in law has a cat and dog who play and sleep together, even with a 40 lb weight difference!

There was one time when our dog brought her toy to the cat, dropped it on him, and the cat scratched her. I think the dog just wanted to play but the cat wanted to sleep. The dog's ear was cut and we ended up with a vet bill but that's been our only dog vs. cat injury in six years. I think you would make a shelter dog very happy. What a lovely thing to do. Good luck with your decision!

I came here for the cute card (it's featured at one pretty thing - http://www.oneprettything.com/ Thank you for sharing!

I grew up in a mixed cat/dog family, and have 2 cats, 1 dog at present. If you adopt from a shelter, ask if they know how the dog reacts to cats. Some shelters have a test-cat who will let them know if the dog passes. Otherwise, a young and/or small dog, that the cat is bigger than can work well. Cat will teach dog manners around him. Just be sure the cat can get away from the dog for some peace and quiet if he wants. And lots of extra cuddles to make up for daring to bring THAT BEAST into Cat's house!

They all are fantastic They are all fabulous !!! I think my favorite is the "Especially for you" window card

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