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That is so cute! I might have to print the crafts one out twice. =) Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Re: [ blogroomshop] Rachel submitted a comment to and a listy new year to you!

Yes, I suppose I should have given us all a whole extra page of craft lists!

Thanks for the little book of lists, just what I needed. TFS

Oh I love it! Especially the books. The other thing I always forget I want is new movies. I always think, when it comes to video ~ then when I want to rent a movie, I always forget the ones I wanted to see, lol

Thanks Shea, I love this idea. Can you also tell me where you got the cute white ceramic birds from? Those are adorable.

Re: [ blogroomshop] mkayteem submitted a comment to and a listy new year to you!

Thanks, mkayteem! Those little porcelain birds were a gift from my Mom from an antique store, but we also found some very pretty salt-and-pepper shaker birds from Target recently. Ive seen similar ones at Goodwill occasionally. Hope that helps a little!

I really liked these this year. I'm looking forward to spring time bike rides; maybe we will see some stuff to inspire you. I will take you fishing, that always works! ha.

Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

will you be doing one for 2012?
I love this but it's way past 2010.

Debbie, since you requested, I certainly will!

wow that is awesome, your a great gal for sharing!

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